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Crown and Bridge

What is a crown?

When a tooth has a large cavity, a root canal or a fracture, Dr. Cettie may recommend a crown. A crown is a cap that goes over the tooth to protect it and keep it strong. During the first appointment we use anesthesia to keep you comfortable and the tooth is prepared for the crown. We use the latest technology which is a Carestream 3600 scanner, to take a digital impression of the tooth. No more goopy impression material and the turnaround time from the lab is cut in half! We send you home in a custom made temporary and have you return for the final seat of the crown. A local lab will fabricate a custom E-Max Porcelain anterior crown for aesthetics or BruxZir Zirconia posterior crown for added durability. Dr. Cettie takes his time to educate you on why a crown is the best treatment for a tooth and what crown material might be the best option for the tooth.

What is a bridge?

If you are missing one or more teeth, often a bridge can be a great solution. With a bridge, the two adjacent teeth from the missing space will be crowned and a false tooth will replace the missing tooth. The process of a bridge is similar to a crown with the exception that the lab will fabricate a pontic (false) tooth to replace your missing tooth. A bridge is fixed and cannot be taken in and out of the mouth. Cleaning the bridge can take a little more effort and special floss threaders may be needed.