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CBCT Imaging and Digital Radiographs

CBCT Imaging, Digital Radiographs and Intra-Oral photos are just a few of the advanced technologies used for effective treatment planning and patient education at Thornton Valley Dental.

What is CBCT Imaging?

Our Green Pax-i3D CBCT (Cone Bean Computed Tomography) scanner allows us to see your bone and teeth 3 dimensionally and is utilized for oral cancer screening, implant placement, endodontic procedures and wisdom teeth extractions. It also provides an ultra-low radiation dosage.

Our Digital Radiographs provide us the clearest images of your teeth to diagnose a variety of issues such as bone loss, decay and oral cancer. The American Dental Association recommends a full series of radiographs every 5 years and a “checkup” series once a year. The radiographs help us to be conservative and detect any decay or issues early.

Our Intra-Oral camera gives you a real-time opportunity to "see what the dentist sees." A picture is worth a thousand words, so seeing why we are concerned about a certain tooth and understanding why we are doing what we are doing, is critical for good treatment and instills trust in the doctor-patient relationship. Photos also help us monitor the progression of an issue. For example, if we want to watch a certain fracture or keep an eye on gum loss, progression can be tracked using Intra-Oral photos.